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For an accurate repair quote, the instrument will need to be inspected in person. Please bring the instrument into the store to be evaluated for an accurate price quote. Below are some common repairs and prices for reference


Replace pads and adjustment materials as needed to bring into general playing condition. Adjust and regulate as necessary. Price includes labor charge for up to 5 pad replacements. Does not include cost of parts.
This is the service that is most common for woodwinds and is usually what will be needed for instruments that have been well maintained and are just needing routine maintenance.

Piccolo/Flute/Clarinet/Oboe                    $75
Saxophone/Bass Clarinet/Bassoon       $90

Clean, Oil, Adjust (COA)
Disassemble, clean, and re-oil rods and pivot screws. Clean body and keys. Replace pads and felts as needed. Price includes labor charge for up to 5 pad replacements. Does not include cost of parts.
This service is generally the yearly maintenance for instruments that have been recently overhauled. It will bring the instrument back into almost fresh overhaul condition and will help the overhaul last longer before the next one is needed. 

Piccolo/Flute/Clarinet/Oboe       $150
Alto/Tenor Saxophone                  $200
Baritone Sax/Bass Clarinet           $250

Disassemble, clean rods, screws, keys, and body. Replace all pads, corks, and felts. Remove dents and fit keys as necessary. Adjust and regulate.
This service will bring the instrument into like-new or better than new playing condition and as close to new physical condition as possible. Price does not include cost of parts

Piccolo                                                     $350
Flute/Clarinet                                     $300
Alto Sax                                                  $800-1,000
Tenor Sax                                               $1,000-1,200
Baritone Sax                                        $1,000-1,400


Ultrasonic Cleaning
Disassemble, clean, reassemble, and grease/oil valves and slides. Replace valve felts and water key corks. Extra charge for stuck slides. Does not include cost of parts.
A good cleaning can solve a lot of issues on brass instruments and is generally recommended to do every year to keep it in good playing shape

Lacquered Trumpet   $80
Silver Trumpet $100
Single French Horn $100
Double French Horn $160
Trombone $80
Trombone with F Attachment $110
Lacquered Baritone/Euphonium $100
Silver Baritone/Euphonium $130
Lacquered Tuba $180
Silver Tuba $200

Mouthpiece Replating
Remove old plating, buff, and replate in silver plating
DISCLAIMER: I just started offering this service and while the results have been quite good, I don't have any feedback on the longevity of the plating. Be aware that I don't offer any sort of warranty or guarantee on the longevity of the plating job

Trumpet/French Horn  $40
Trombone/Euphonium   $50
Tuba   $60


Remove old strings, install new ones. This can usually be done while you wait and takes around 15 minutes, or a little longer for classical guitars.

$30 plus cost of strings (customer can provide their own set, if desired)

Basic Setup
Adjust neck/truss rod, bridge, and nut for optimal playing action/string height. Clean and test electronics. Lubricate tuning machines. Install new strings. This will get most good-condition instruments into playing condition.

$50 plus cost of strings

Fret Leveling
Level, crown, and polish all frets. This job includes a setup and restring, since the action needs to be re-adjusted after fret leveling.

$200 plus cost of strings